We Are Dedicated to Protecting our Investors

Simply put, we know what our investors are looking for. Our investors want to make big and consistent returns without the stress and headache of the unknowns. Our program provides investors with 3 levels of security AND collateral. You are provided with transparency and full disclosure.

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“Start with the buyers, Not the homes” - Til Lowery

Start With The Buyer

Normally, real estate investors start by finding a deeply discounted property. Then, they’ve got to bid on it, buy it, make repairs, and either resell or rent it out. If they don’t do all this fast, they can lose money. Their cash is tied up, and they’re still paying interest, upkeep, utilities, holding costs, etc.

We know from personal experience that this can be risky, costly, and time consuming. Some unscrupulous investors might even find a desperate family and unload it like an albatross at the highest possible price: a recipe for disaster.

With a revolutionary breath of fresh air, we take the exact opposite approach by starting with the buyer, not the home. Every home is sold before you buy it because we start with the buyer! This eliminates holding costs, repairs, tax, insurance, interest, utilities, landscaping, commissions, vacancy, and maintenance costs.

Not only that, it is a great service to the buyer. We consider this socially responsible investing because you are helping your neighbor achieve the American dream of home ownership by helping them get the home that THEY want.

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Making Mailbox Money With Real Estate

  • The home is sold before you buy it
  • You get three layers of safety and security
  • Predictable and consistent returns
  • You are secured by collateral and equity
  • Learn why it is better to be the lender than the landlord
  • Work with professional wholesalers that do the same thing over and over
  • You get full disclosure and NO SURPRISES. Any surprises are handled by the wholesaler.
Our mission is to improve your quality of life with profound knowledge and ACTION. Without action, nothing can happen.

We teach people how to work together in win-win situations. Homebuyers learn how to get any home they want with no credit check.

Realtors learn how to revive dead leads and still receive full commission. Wholesalers learn to leverage doing multiple deals. Lastly, investors learn how to make a big return on their investment with little risk.

Other real estate training programs overwhelm you by teaching you a million different ways to make money with real estate. By the time you leave those seminars, you are so overwhelmed with theoretical knowledge that you have no idea what to do or how to apply it.

Unlike others, we focus on doing the SAME thing over and over, which creates professionalism and expertise. We use a proven, rubber stamp process so that every deal is the same. All the work is done for you, and all you have to do is qualify for the loan.

We’ve taken all the variables out of the equation, so that you are left with stability and peace of mind. You make a fixed profit, month after month, year over year. We call it “true passive.”


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