About Us

Til Lowery

As a multi-state licensed realtor with hundreds of successful home deals under her belt, Til Lowery has first-hand experience working side-by-side with seasoned as well as newbie real estate investors across the country in several hot housing markets. She has seen their nerve-racking struggle up close. For her, the biggest deception in the real estate investing world is this: land lording or fixing and flipping as great sources of ‘passive income’.

She is the pioneer in introducing a revolutionary property investment plan that enables investors to grow their money ‘passively’ in the true sense of the word.

The system’s ‘mailbox money program’ sets investors off on a completely logical and easy-to-follow investment journey from the very beginning. The beauty of the system lies in the fact that the journey starts with the buyer, not the home. And along the way, investors get the opportunity to help people fulfil their American dream of homeownership.

How Does our System Work?

MOST investors buy properties with either of these two objectives: one: to rent it out, and two: to fix and flip. As soon as the investor puts a property under contract, horrible uncertainties (with all their credit tied up) rear their ugly head. The race against time begins as the investor tries to minimize losses from holding costs, repairs, tax, insurance, interest, utilities, landscaping, commissions, vacancy, and maintenance costs.

The mailbox money program completely eliminates such uncertainties with these three simple steps:

  • You get qualified for an investor loan
  • You buy a pre-selected home and sell it on the same day and for the same price
  • And, you enjoy ‘passive income’ month after month and year after year without worrying about collecting rent or fixing properties

Traditional Real Estate Investing

  • You try to learn incomprehensible real estate investment formulas such as cap rate, cash flow, cash on cash return, internal rate of return, net present value etc.
  • You attend auctions and go through hundreds of REO, foreclosure and short sale listings to find a so-called ‘diamond in the rough’.
  • You compete with cash buyers and aggressively negotiate with sellers to follow the old wisdom that says you absolutely need to buy a property below market value to make profit.
  • In a buy-and-hold, you rent out the property and suffer the nightmares of property management.
  • In a fix-and-flip, you try to fix a gut property with no idea if the renovations and updates are adding any value. You then try to find a buyer while bearing carrying costs until the property gets sold.

Making Mailbox Money

  • You have a good credit rating
  • You walk into a bank and get pre-qualified for an investor loan.
  • No need to find an investment property.
  • You buy a property in a deal handed to you on a silver platter and owner finance it to a buyer on the same day and for the same price.
  • The buyer puts the property as collateral.
  • You start making Mailbox Money.
  • Your monthly payments are handled by a third party note servicing company and directly wired to your bank account on time. You make predictable and consistent returns on your investment month after month, year after year.
  • No learning curve. A proven system that is replicable over and over.

What Makes Us Different

No Learning Curve

Our investor concierge service uses a proven rubber-stamp process to ensure all deals are vetted using the same criteria. After you get pre-qualified, you get a deal handed to you on a silver platter and begin making mailbox money. All you have to do is qualify for an investor loan.

You get 3 Levels of Protection

You will be handed a pre-vetted deal that provides safety, security, and collateral

No Prior Experience Needed

Our comprehensive training will answer all your questions and have you fully prepared to take action.

Mailbox Money Starts in 60 Days or Less

Once you close on your first deal, you start making money in 60 days or less.

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