How It Works

Making Real Mailbox Money with Real Estate

‘KEEP IT SIMPLE’ is the core principle of Buyer Investor Match. No mastermind classes, no complex real estate investment formulas, and no long-term commitment to anything. The idea can be summed up in just this once sentence: Making Money with leverage. As long as you can qualify for an investor loan, you can generate low-risk passive income month after month, year after year.

And unlike other real estate investment programs such as buy-and-hold and fix-and-flip, which usually end up being more cumbersome commitments than full-time jobs, the Mailbox Money system is just what it sounds like: A fixed amount of money in your mail or wired to your bank account every month without you having to do anything, literally.

Simple Steps to Making Mailbox Money

Attend a Free Training

Attend one of our weekly real estate trainings to review our program A-Z.

Get Pre-Qualified

You work with a licensed loan officer to get pre-qualified for an investor loan.

Making Mailbox Money

And you are done! Now you will receive mailbox money. No need to suffer the ordeals that usually come with property management or a flip project.

What are the Benefits?


As an investor, all the work is done for you. All you have to do is qualify for the loan. Using our rubber stamp process, every deal is the same. You know your deal will have the same level of safety and security that we promise.

While other real estate investment plans have a steep learning curve, you don’t need to learn anything extraordinary under the Mailbox Money Program. In fact, no matter what your background is – whether you are a doctor or a teacher with no knowledge of complex financial formulas or lingo – you can participate in the program with full confidence. Reason? Well, our system 3 levels of protection with collateral. Everything is handled by a third party, meaning there is no work for the investor.

The fact that the buyer will put the property as collateral eliminates any prospects of risks. If buyer defaults on the loan, you foreclose! The loan is serviced by a third party note servicing company. The homebuyer makes payment to the note servicing company, who then makes the payment on your loan and deposits your profit directly into your bank account.

Nine times out of ten people dabble in real estate investment believing in this biggest lie: They will be able to enjoy a quiet life on the beach, while their money will grow passively. It never happens that way. Whether you buy a rental or undertake a flipping project, your responsibilities are countless with no guarantee that you are investing in a profit-producing asset. But our Mailbox Money program is different because you are not a landlord or flipper, but simply a lender. You don’t even need to find a buyer or an investment property. Everything is taken care of.

The Perfect Win-Win for all Parties

Buyer Investor Match is a network of Homebuyers, Wholesalers, Realtors, and Investors that are all trained to work together to – get what they want by helping each other get what they want. This harmony is unlike any other program because there is no taking advantage of the other.

Home Buyers attend life changing training to teach them how to get their home of choice regardless of their credit. The majority of people can’t qualify to get their home of choice – even with a big down payment. Our program overcomes all credit challenges by vetting them using our rubber stamp process.

Under our program, we provide life-changing knowledge to Realtors to teach them how to revive dead leads, help their clients, and still receive FULL commission. Additionally, they are trained on how they can earn BTSAs by finding the right clients.

Wholesalers learn that they don’t have to take advantage of desperate sellers and that they can even deal with full price homes. They learn how to assign contracts and profit without having to find the home.

Investors learn how to create mail box money using a proven rubber stamp process over and over. They learn how to work with professional Wholesalers and have every home sold before it’s bought which eliminates holding costs, dramatically reduces risk, and creates immediate cash flow.

Why Choose Us

  • You work with licensed professionals
  • Our entire program is very logical
  • You get a big return on investment, with 3 levels of protection
  • We guarantee your deal for the entire duration
  • In the event of a worst case scenario, you still have an exit strategy

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